Enough of trying to justify

Enough of trying to explain away

Enough of excuses

Enough of acting entitled

Enough of acting superior.


Enough of thinking that your brutality, unwanted touch, unwanted approval, unwanted lust, unwanted watch, unwanted comments, unwanted violence; is okay.

It is not!

No “authoritative” figure, no law enforcement, no gun, no bullet is more important than the next person. No pity story for the police is needed. Justice is needed, change is needed, healing is needed, apologies are needed, admittance is needed, making up and making right is needed.


Forgiveness is not something YOU can enforce or demand. When the digging doesn’t stop, the sand has no time to settle before another hole is dug, the pit is never ending and the mud is still made of the same color. Of the same bodies. Of the same story. Of the same victims.

Enough killing our men, enough touching our bodies, enough owning our futures, enough oppressing. ENOUGH!

#wematter #blacklivesmatter #enough #youhavenoright #peoplebeforepolice


Author: progressiveshow

A platform to share, support and highlight the positive change people and businesses are making in the societal structures enforced on us. A time to change and show the Pro-gressive lifestyle.

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