What’s the cause?

There are so many causes to the ongoing “fast” production and mass production of anything seen as a need. But today marks a day that “fast” fashion and mass production lines need to be addressed, questioned, examined and reliable. There are too many “trends” or “must haves” that we force society to buy, borrow or buy on debt. What can we all do?

Today is International Fashion Revolution Day! Today we remember the tragedy of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, where 1134 people died and over 2500 people were injured on this day in 2013. Today we need to ask our labels “Who made my clothing?” Start to engage with the high and mighty brands and find out if you support their working conditions, the way their workers are treated, paid, and where the products are manufactured.

There are many details we do not know in “fast” stream production, from fast food, mass farming, shoe making and factory lines. So how do we begin investigating? Well here are a few steps to start creating a sustainable, Eco and human friendly fashion revolution:

  1. Turn your label inside out today and ask your brands “Who made my clothes” connect via twitter or Facebook and make them see the need to be reliable for their manufacturing.  www.fashionrevolution.org/get-involved
  2. Buy local, wear local & support local. This may seem expensive, but if we all start doing it we won’t need to export as much and local designers will make enough money to be able to drop the prices. This is an investment! Even a statement bag, jewelry piece, scarf to accessorise or a basic you can wear in all seasons.
  3. Learn to alter or support a local entrepreneur that is a seamstress or does alterations. With a few stitches a piece can look and feel brand new.
  4. Mix it Up! Take summer pieces into winter by layering or accessorising an outfit. Wear dresses tucked into a pants or another skirt so that you have extra tops. Re-wear your garments in as many ways as possible. It saves money and is rather fun.
  5. Finally donate or swap it out. If you no longer fit into something or don’t like it anymore don’t just push it to the back of your cupboard! Give it to someone that will make great use of it, winter is upon us and there are many grateful hands that will rock your garments. But if you have your eye on a friends item swap it out. Better yet; host a super trendy switch & swap night. Everyone brings their items they no longer wear or use (in good condition) and you have a bargaining switch and swap match to all end up with a new wardrobe.

So be a part of the revolution, ask your favorite or biggest brands in your wardrobe the important questions #whomademyclothes , Buy less, support more, mix, match, switch and swap.

Fashion Revolution

Happy Fashion Revolution Day. Be a part of a revolution.

#whomademyclothes? Top by Leandra (Made in Cape Town), Pants by Mali South in Longstreet Cape Town (Made in front of me), Shoes by Madison The Heart of New York. So @madisonshoessa tell me #whomademyshoes? #fashrev


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A platform to share, support and highlight the positive change people and businesses are making in the societal structures enforced on us. A time to change and show the Pro-gressive lifestyle.

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